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A Fall of Eagles    July 30 2005




The new mini-bay from the last of the rip-rap protecting the Martello Tower.


The beach and pill-boxes from the same point.


The remaining yellow flags, and the large falls of cliff beyond.

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800-P1020349.JPG  194KB


What cannot be seen from the web-cam is the erosion occurring beneath the red flag; the scene is almost free from any recent falls and is well scoured by the tide.

800-P1020347.JPG  180KB

600-P1020354.JPG  192KB




800-P1020348.JPG  216KB


The rip rap and pillboxes connect to show a former coastline.


The muddy mess of the spring is, at last, beginning to grass over.


Blocks of Red Crag slipping away over the basement clay.

600-P1020353.JPG  164KB

800-P1020352.JPG  140KB




600-P1020357.JPG  236KB


Five remaining yellow flags and the edge of the cultivated area.


In the 2004-5 seasons several metres have been lost since planting; no farmer would risk his machines nearer than 2-3 metres from the edge, but here the loss bites into rows that have been harvested the week before!

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800-P1020356.JPG  197KB

Two views of the cliff-top. On the left the growing wheat was unable to be cut even by the combine's wide cutter head; erosion has already encroached on the rows that were cut!


600-P1020359.JPG  208KB




The right-hand photo shows the much-cracked path, still relatively intact.


600-P1020360.JPG  217KB






A trio of cliff-profile photos. The centre slip is relatively clean, but on either side are photos of crag, clay and vegetation jumbled together beneath recent collapses.

600-P1020368.JPG  238KB

600-P1020369.JPG  245KB




600-P1020376.JPG  261KB


The strand lines of the shingle bank, just to the south of the flags, show up well, as does the severe slope.


A general arrangement photo of the beach, shingle bank and cliffs. Old defences have clearly been removed and the supports left to rot.


Rotting also are the ribs of old groynes, behind which scene the cliff and Martello Tower preside.

800-P1020361.JPG  228KB

800-P1020362.JPG  158KB




800-P1020363.JPG  152KB


The actively eroding cliff face in the centre of photo 363 is extending southwards. The new erosion site here shows as a fall of heavily vegetated slope - not cliff ... although it will be now!


A major cliff fall spreads over the beach. The thick pole is a mystery (too thick for the flags) but could be from a fence.


Buried concrete block on the beach and the fasted eroding cliff in the background - see next photo for a zoom-in.

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800-P1020365.JPG  216KB




800-P1020366.JPG  218KB


A slab has been removed from this section of cliff.


Another cliff fall is soon attracting the attention of the high tide.


A thinning line of wheat stalks against the sky.

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800-P1020370.JPG  230KB




800-P1020372.JPG  132KB


Just south of the yellow flags, this area has seen most recent erosional activity.


Also seen in photo 357 this mini-block is about to fall.


The 'H' in frightful occupies a precarious position!

800-P1020374.JPG  2107KB

800-P1020375.JPG  256KB




800-P1020378.JPG  192KB


More cliff falls near the last remaining red flag.


With two of the message balls offshore, I wonder if the balloons are more art!


Out of sight of the webcam the erosion continues - in this case trying to outflank the rip rap.

800-P1020379.JPG  155KB

800-P1020380.JPG  163KB




800-P1020384.JPG  216KB


The last red flag has a little in hand; the pole hole from the penultimate flag is still intact!


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