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Burnham Deepdale SLN meet 6-8 July 2007



Burnham Deepdale - reconnaissance

Blakeney Point

Stiffkey and Holkham

Sunday at Thornham and Hunstanton





On the way ... the front at Cromer



Deepdale Information


A brief stop, on the way to Deepdale, at the front at Cromer. The famous pier sits in front of coastal defences typical of those given to a town, whilst either side erosion is allowed to continue. One day, Cromer may well be on a 'stalk' of land!





The low line of Blakeney spit smudges the horizon from a spot on the A 149 between Kelling and Salthouse.


Blakeney Point




Victoria, Emma, Katherine, David, Pauline, Christine, Val, Judith, and Alan.


Pauline, Katherine, Christine, Emma, Val, Alan, Victoria, Judith, and Dave.


The party assembles in overcast conditions; the promised sunshine being reluctant to appear. Val is always taking photographs!






Moving out from Morston into clearing skies, with a patch of blue to aim for. The trip runs down a channel towards the spit, and follows its leeward face towards its end. On the right is a notice prohibiting landings .. and smug seagulls knowing they will not be disturbed.







The previous boat (it's a continuous shuttle from several firms) nudges past the end of the spit, whilst the centre and right photos show the narrow end of the spit, and its occupants, the common or grey seal.






On the seaward side of the spit a sea is running, but not too rough! The seals take their ease in a watery sun .. which then comes out .. see below!





Basking seals and the point of Blakeney Spit.







Seals and gulls on the recurving section of the spit, with a darkening sky approaching from the north-west.





After the spit and the seals, the party was brought back to a landing place on a wider part of the spit - right.






Val leads Victoria off the boat. A mother and chick amused us by running, more or less together, up and down the sore - and Val  photographing in the salt marsh.






The spit has developed a dune system, and there are a number of blowouts to observe - in these photos looking eastwards.








Better weather marked the journey back to the moorings.


The boardwalk, and probably consequent blowout, crossed the width of the spit.


Pauline, Katherine and Alan on the way back.






Some final shots of Morston in the sun! The channel and a fine sky, left, with the fine fellows from Beans Seal Trips, centre and the moorings on the right.






The information board about Blakeney Point at Morston.





Last look  - towards Blakeney.