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Sunday at Thornham and Hunstanton


Burnham Deepdale - reconnaissance

Blakeney Point

Stiffkey and Holkham

Sunday at Thornham and Hunstanton






Early-morning walk - Burnham Deepdale to Brancaster Staithe




Deepdale Information




An early-morning walk from Burnham Deepdale out along the earthen sea wall; above is the point where the path leads out from the 'real' coastline.




Views of the tidal inlets, and, in the middle, a look back towards Burnham Deepdale/Brancaster Staithe.





Returning with improving light, I even tried to stalk some sea lavender!





The creek at Brancaster Staithe with its boats beached by the tide.



Holme Dunes National Nature Reserve - Thornham



Information panel and location map for visitors.





Some relic trees mark the entrance to the salt marsh at the car park - very atmospheric. On the right West Sands can be seen through the horns of the dead trees.











Views over the salt marsh, left, right and top - and the reclaimed but flooded land behind the sea walls ... and a great sky!








Notices on the path from Thornham (there is a car park at the end of the track)










A boardwalk takes the visitor along the ridge of the dunes, (looking towards The Firs) which are crossed by an informal path through the sand.







A pretty-much empty beach (West  Sands) and a great sky on the North Norfolk Cast.



Another shot of that sky, with the party gathering under the lee of the dunes.




Alan, Dave, Christine, Emma and Victoria.







Cloudscape at Thornham.


Christine, Victoria, Katherine, Pauline, Emma and Judith.


Pauline, Victoria, Judith, Katherine, Val, Dave, Emma, Christine and Alan.







The sand dunes at Thornham - on the left showing signs of erosion (slumping) and wind-blown sand (centre as well as colonising marram.)






Messages in the sand. Dave starts a message to Kate in the sand .. and Alan takes over with a rich supply of razor shells.







Hunstanton - a contrast!



As ever, a finely-turned groyne caught my eye!


The true spirit of geography - ' Please do not ride if you are a big girl's blouse, a mummy's boy or a wimp!'

The crowds were out for the first sunny Sunday in recent living memory!






Sauntering down the seafront with our t-shirts like the rest of north west Norfolk. The shark-painted machine did trips around The Wash, which seems a very interesting things to do!



Beaches and people - and pony rides along the beach!