London's Docklands


Canary Wharf to Island Gardens  4 April 2002


Greenwich Peninsula - from Millennium Dome to Millennium Village

4 April 2002


At Tower Bridge Gateway the platform for the Docklands Light Railway  (DLR) runs alongside other lines, presumably going to Canon Street.


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Arrival at Canary Wharf station


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The DLR train, now manned. draws in to the Tower Bridge Gateway platform. To obtain services to Island Gardens and then Lewisham it is necessary to change - a fact in no way apparent at the station!


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With Canary Wharf on the left and Heron Quays on the right. New tower-building goes on apace, with the DLR entering Canary Wharf mid-level - and a number of heavily-used temporary footways across the basin.


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Cabot Square on Canary Wharf. In the warm spring sunshine the square was packed by lunching office workers, as were the steps in the centre.


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A lighter provides a base for a construction crane and equipment for this new tower on Canary Wharf.


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Chic and doubtless ridiculously-expensive apartments line the northern side of the West India Docks.


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Two DLR trains cross at the south entrance to Canary Wharf. More construction can be seen on Heron Quays.


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As above, the construction on the south side of Canary Wharf.


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A distinct contrast in scale: the intimate low-rise residential housing and compact parking area is dwarfed by the monoliths behind (and to either side!).


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Just to the south of the previous shot, Mastmaker Road still has industry, on the left of the photo, although perhaps not as traditional as its road-name.


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The Millwall Inner Docks are crossed, for pedestrians at least, by a Dutch-style bridge. Straight ahead is the centre of Crossharbour, with the DLR showing across the street. Many small restaurants  dot this area.


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These three shots are from the pedestrian bridge, looking northwards to Canary Wharf. The variation in intensity of land-use is clear; Canary Wharf is a CBD. The cranes to the right of the photo are preserved artefacts for visitor appeal.


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The style of development that surrounds the northern end of Millwall Inner Dock.


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The London Arena dominates the eastern shore of the dock basin. An entertainment complex of some size, it boasts as being the home of the 'London Knights' ice hockey team.


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From Crossharbour station, looking eastwards, is an area of largely redeveloped housing, with 'The George' pub serving as an older local focus. the road in the foreground is East Ferry Road.


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Looking up Limeharbour northwards, with Crossharbour station on the left and a DLR train coming south. The tower adds its awesome scale to an ordinary street scene.


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On the east shore of Millwall Outer Dock is a patch of green that attracted many lunch-time picnickers. This photo faces northwards up Millwall Inner Dock.


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Looking west along the impressive length of Millwall Inner Dock.


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A study of the  burgeoning skyline to the north from the entrance to Falcon Way, across the width of Millwall Inner Dock.


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Either side of the inlet at Falcon Way is housing that was connected by the elegant wooden bridge in the centre. It is now, alas, closed by what looks like vandalism.


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Across Millwall Inner Dock, with just a little inelegant flotsam to mar the view, and the image!


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A wide-shot of Falcon Way, with the low-rise housing lining the small basin. The lack of boats at the moorings may indicate a target for the area, in terms of security and style, not quite met.


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Two artefacts from a previous industrial age mark the eastern edge of Millwall Inner Dock.


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Immediately south of Falcon Way is Spindrift Avenue, which joins with East Ferry Road .. and where the Mudchute DLR station takes the line underground. The parapet of the tunnel is immediately above the road sign.


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Looking back towards Canary Wharf from a road close to Island Gardens DLR station. Here are a number of styles of pre-redevelopment housing.


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Island Gardens DLR station, where you now access trains by descending to the platform, as the line dives under the Thames to Greenwich and its Lewisham terminus.


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