London's Docklands


Greenwich Peninsula - from Millennium Dome to Millennium Village


Canary Wharf to Island Gardens  4 April 2002


Greenwich North underground station and bus station combined. the scale of the building reflects its original purpose of servicing Millennium Dome traffic, so in the middle of the day its lofty halls are strangely empty. Part of the Dome car park is being offered for daily parking for commuters.


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The approach to the Dome now boasts spring flowers and areas of grass and woodland. 


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The empty turnstile entrance area.


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Looking back towards the city and Canary wharf from Blackwall Tunnel Approach, with the gasworks tower on the left of the photo.


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To the west of the Dome the Thames is lined by firms storing and dealing in aggregates.


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A small terrace of houses remain within the Dome approach area, presumably used as offices. They are not marked on any map, but can be seen on air photographs from both multimap and streetmap. the building works for the Millennium Village appear in the background.


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This set of signposts on Millennium Way strongly favour cycling as a way of getting around.


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Old car parking and the new Millennium Village can be seen behind the blue veil of the security fencing.


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Looking up John Harrison Way from the large roundabout with Millennium Way. The logo of the Greenwich Millennium Village and its partner developers becomes a familiar sight.


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The south-eastern boundary of the Millennium Village project appears to be the far side of this field; beyond lies industry. In the left foreground are areas of newly-planted woodland.


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The millennium primary school. looks finished and is occupied. Its wooden cladding and boundary fence are in the style of a stockade.


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The first residential units of the Millennium Village are being completed. The area to the south of the development is named Ecology Park.


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A generous water-feature (at London land prices!) fronts the apartments.


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From the road the development has a frontage of controlled (rising barrier) parking for residents.


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The Millennium Village office is situated on the green space in front of Ecology Park, and has information for prospective clients, and a superb model of the entire development. My thanks to the staff for permission to photograph the above three shots.