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Monday May 20 2003 and Friday 23 May 2003


Dunwich Beach 2000


Dunwich Beach 2001  taken  Sunday 13 May 2001


Dunwich Heath - the main areas of study in Spring 2002


Fieldwork in May 2002

Dunwich Beach -Wednesday and Thursday

Dunwich - tourism pressures

Dunwich - management practices


Fieldwork in May 2003

Beach photographs from Mon 20 May and Friday 23 May 2003

Photos from Mr Duncan of the tourist pressures


Fieldwork in May 2004 Sunday 16, Tuesday 25,  and Thursday 27 May


Dunwich Forest and Heath November 2004

Dunwich update April and May 2005


Dunwich beach and Dingle Marsh breach 29 Nov 2006

Dunwich beach and Dingle Marsh update 19 May 2007


Dunwich Heath May 19 2007



The cliffs, beach and longshore drift Monday 20 May






A detail of the cliff shows two pebble-boulders that have slipped off the cliff face. They are darkened by humus stained sand. Marram grass grows where the scree slope has remained stable for some time.


The cliff profile from the drawing point.

Marram grass dominates the lower slopes, and there is a good level of beach material at the base of the cliffs. Some fresh sand has fallen down onto the beach.


The free face of the cliff remains unvegetated, but the rainwater rills show up here, as does a debris chute of fine sand and pebbles.


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Boulders of humus-stained sand, from a point near the top of the cliffs, litter the beach before being broken up by wave action.


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Pantometer crews survey the beach

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The group watches wave action move the pebbles.


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The stones have been set by the right-hand post, the southerly post, and the first wave comes in to engulf them.



The result of the wave shows stones have been pushed up the beach and to the north.

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Friday 23 May 2003





More pantometer work. Flags were placed mid-way down the beach to help guide the line on Monday, but Friday's group were told to aim straight down the beach!

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The pantometer should be kept vertical when taking the measurements; it should also be kept aligned straight down the beach.


A note should be kept of the material under the survey line ... the size of the pebbles do vary according to their position on the beach!


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Fieldwork 2005