The Geography Department


Dunwich Heath Fieldwork



Wednesday 22 May 2002 and Thursday 23 May 2002


Tourist pressures on the heath




photos by Mrs Reeves     


text by Mr Duncan

Dunwich Beach 2000


Dunwich Beach 2001  taken  Sunday 13 May 2001


Dunwich Heath - the main areas of study in Spring 2002


Fieldwork in May 2002

Dunwich Beach -Wednesday and Thursday

Dunwich - tourism pressures

Dunwich - management practices


Fieldwork in May 2003

Beach photographs from Mon 20 May and Friday 23 May 2003

Photos from Mr Duncan of the tourist pressures


Fieldwork in May 2004 Sunday 16, Tuesday 25,  and Thursday 27 May


Dunwich Forest and Heath November 2004

Dunwich update April and May 2005


Dunwich beach and Dingle Marsh breach 29 Nov 2006

Dunwich beach and Dingle Marsh update 19 May 2007


Dunwich Heath May 19 2007




Posts at southern end of cliff-top car park, showing visitor erosion of exit path.

Visitor damage/erosion of steps from the beach to the cliff-top car park

 Cliff-top car park showing mounds, which prevent cars from accessing the cliff - to the right!



Cars parked facing south, towards Minsmere and Sizewell power station. Damage in foreground caused by car tyres.



Cliff-top car park showing damage caused by cars - and the ruts now filling with storm water.




Posts in front of the Coastguard Cottages - to prevent people from parking too close!




Ice cream hut - reduces pressure on the tea room at peak times.

Posts alongside the concrete footpath in from of Coastguard Cottages - to prevent people from parking too close!

Information hut situated in the main car park. Two discrete litter bins, and posts to keep cars separate from visitors to the toilet!



Burning some bracken behind the Education Centre.

Close-up of the two litter bins and doggie bin between the information hut and the toilets.

Gate to the north of the Coastguard Cottages,  to control access to the buildings.



The main road into Dunwich Heath, complete with speed bumps.

Coach parking and the access to the Education Centre


Measuring footpath erosion to the north of the Coastguard Cottages. (footpath 3)


Students measuring footpath erosion next the main road (footpath 2).



Footpath widened by visitor trampling, leading from the Education Centre to the north west (footpath 1).



Posts and signpost separating the Education Centre parking area from the footpath through the heath. 


Students measuring footpath erosion, and  here it is very severe, on (footpath 1).

Fieldwork 2005