Flatford Mill, East Bergholt

31 December 2001




Bridge Cottage and Flatford Bridge.


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Looking downstream from the bridge, towards the Granary and Field Centre.





Looking up the River Stour from the bridge.


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The restored lock gates


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The frontage of the dry dock and the Granary behind.


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Looking upstream through the lock gates.


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The Dry Dock, adjacent to the present Tea Rooms, looking towards the river.


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Valley Farm, part of the Field Centre property, boasts a fine Medieval hall.


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The Mill from Willy Lott's House


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Willy Lott's House, a classic view, but with frost-covered ice!


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Flatford Mill, East Bergholt

29 September  2002





A steady stream of visitors arrive on one the last days of an Indian Summer to pay their 1.50 parking fee.


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The path to the river is steep, stepped and the bank reinforced with a string netting.


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A modern tourist information building, disabled car park, and loo are at the foot of the land to Flatford.


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The bridge by Bridge Cottage is always popular for a view, and is a good place to do a people-plot!


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The dry dock, with  an artist painting at the river-end.


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Being somewhat nosey with a a long lens!


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The River Stour Trust were operating their electrically-driven boat on this Sunday. The Trust exists to maintain and extend navigation on the river.


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A build up of nutrient at Fen Bridge has lead to an algal bloom. The Flatford Mill Field Centre monitor nitrate levels in local watercourses.


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Feeding the ducks and boating at the bridge.


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