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Ipswich - Norwich Road - outer city areas


Ipswich Urban Transect 1 Town Centre to Copdock Mill

Ipswich - Norwich Road -  outer city areas

Ipswich Town Centre -VIth Form photos

Housing types - Norwich & Handford Road - inner city areas

Ipswich - Ravenswood (Airport site development)

Ipswich Urban Transect 2- Foxhall Road 

Orwell Bridge - views of Ipswich from the Orwell Bridge

Ipswich Docks Development


White Horse Industrial Estate and the Anglia Retail Park




The location of the retail ad industrial areas is adjacent to the A14, which has good connectivity, as seen above.


A quiet time in White Horse Road, looking eastwards towards its junction with the Norwich Road. Note the housing on its south side, and low-density industrial premises on its north side.


The Anglia Retail Park and its present occupants.

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Units in Goddard Road East looking towards the Anglia Retail Park.


New construction work in Olympus Close.


The sign for 'Totally Brilliant' in White Horse Road .. situated in spacious old industrial premises with ample parking and easily accessible via the Norwich Road and the A14.







Looking through the steelwork on Olympus Close through to White Horse Road.




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Distribution is important to the estate; here storage facilities are being offered off the peg.


Ferrymasters have a depot on the Whitehorse estate .. being ideal to get transport on trunk routes, and near three ports.

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The Landmark Business Park occupies the western part of the estate, in Goddard Road. The centre photo is looking west from White Horse Road.

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A huge B&Q store dominates the Anglia Retail Park.



A large motor firm, Edmonsons, occupies a plot directly opposite the retail park, in Goddard Road East.


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The Norwich Road Park-and -Ride facility lies next to the retail park, and accesses the road via a dedicated, private, bus road.


Parking and the terminal at Norwich Road.


The double-deckers on this route have a bus-lane into Ipswich centre for much of their journey.

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Meredith Road suburban shopping centre




The junction of Norwich Road with Meredith Road, where traffic lights lead to a slip-road.



The display at Kay's Fresh Fruit and Vegetables and Florist. Parking lines the street both sides with marked bays.

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Jade House Chinese restaurant on the corner of Meredith and Shakespeare Roads .. looking back towards the Norwich Road.


Not the only business to use the device of humour, 'Vanity Hair', a few doors down, seems to have fallen on hard times.


Shakespeare Road - with multiple signage, bus stop and typical semi-detached housing.

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