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Ireland  August 2005


Inishowen Peninsula - Foyleside and Malin

Inishowen - Moville & Redcastle


Antrim Coast


Donegal - Magheraroaty &Tory Island


Bundoran - the road home


Inishowen - Redcastle and Tullynavin


Rockydale Cottage





Rockydale Cottage is owned by Brian and Yvonne Lafferty, who live next door. The house sleeps 8 in four doubles (sofa bed can take another two!) and is beautifully finished in pine - and with a pristine kitchen. The two upstairs doubles have en-suite!


Rockydale Cottage website   and e-mail

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Over the wooden fence and the ecology is all upland; here heather shares space with miniature scabious.


The side patio has decking and wooden furniture - to the right is a gas-fired barbeque. The view is, as seen in the following photos, stunning.


Not every home has a roche moutonee sharing the back lawn - a definite plus for geographers!

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The view from Rockydale Cottage down to Lough Foyle ...


.. and across the valley to the road through the hills.


The drive for Rockydale Cottage passes a traditional

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Rockydale Cottage lies on the skyline of this spectacular view back towards the holiday home.


Halfway to the lough the Anderson farm nestles in a patch of trees.


A long shot back to Rocky Dale Cottage.

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Sheep graze the upper slopes in the main, although there are still plenty of cattle to be found




The church at Redcastle.

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The fuchsia hedgerows on the road down to the lough-side road.

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Tullynavin, is an area name for the dispersed settlement in the hills above Redcastle.


Near the top of the hill forestry has been the principal land-use. Here an area has been clear-cut, and the area left a wasteland; replanting will probably follow, hopefully with a broadleaf component.

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The hotel at Redcastle has had a makeover and preparations for its re-opening were clearly at a high pace. Golf is a strong local draw, and the infrastructure for tourism is strengthening all the time.


The circus came to town, and even had elephants! The soft ground was quite a challenge to customers and, when it decamped, performers, alike!


Sunset over Inishowen ... if not in economic terms.

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Inishowen - Moville




Moville is the largest settlement on the Inishowen peninsula, and its services will be used by all of the communities along the shore .. and inland over the hills. Buncrana, on the western side of the peninsula is probably the centre of choice for the rest of the rural community.


The high street in the wet, and the early morning sun.

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Three views of the central square, where the routes to Greencastle and its ferry, and over the hills to Carndonagh, meet. Moville is the largest settlement and  commercial centre of Foyleside.

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Moville has several estate agents, and prices are not low by local standards .. but property costs less in €uros than it would cost in £'s in the South East of the UK.


The road over the hills, and quieter and more traditional than the High Street.


Redevelopment in central Moville indicates good economic prospects. the countryside is being snapped up for stylish modern houses on the hillsides.

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The small harbour in Moville was quiet; the right hand photo appears to show a new and modern school built on the outskirts of the town.

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The fishing boats across the bay from the small harbour of Moville.

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