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Burnham Market July 6 2007   


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Gentrification of a settlement - a possible task for the SLN weekend, 6-8 July




The open-aspect of Burnham Market is a fundamentally attractive space, an attractive landscape of built environment. It suffers greatly, however, from saturation parking. At times the green is surrounded by badly-parked, but immaculate 4x4's, probably jettisoned in mid-sentence and they switch their mobile from one hand to another to operate the remote key.






Burnham Market is well-kept; its open spaces are tended and tidy; there is no sign of vandalism or litter. Is this an indication of gentrification?






The mix of shopping opportunities can indicate gentrification. Here a real bookshop exists in a settlement ostensibly far too small to support it. Other shops will cater for upper-market tourist tastes - and a strong sector takes care of the supply of alcohol ... which is largely a market for good wine.






A quiet byway off the main street might be a reminder of quieter times ... but it is still an area that has been carefully manicured!


Lifestyle shopping - or shopping with style?


This  indicator of gentrification not only shows a strong economic base of tourism, but the nature of that tourism - holiday lets of cottages, which is distinctly aimed at the more affluent - a far cry from the caravan and chalet parks of east Norfolk.





A painter is just about done with his latest project. The choice of materials and colours may well be controlled in a gentrified environment - by planning law or by the pressures of local expectations.





The window of the Post Office is crammed full of advertisements; of people requiring help and of people offering their services. the balance and nature of these adverts might well indicate the social class of those who are asking for services - such as a gardener.


The image is large so the individual notices can be made out.


A summary of possible indicators of gentrification:


1. Physical condition - absence of vandalism & graffiti

2. Physical condition - quality of built & maintained  environment.

3. Shopping - the mix of shops and their target clientele

4. Vehicles - type & condition

5. Parking - sliding scale according to level of arrogance/self obsession.

6. Accents - county or in retreat from London for the weekend.


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