North-East England


800AluLynmouth.jpg (64904 bytes) 800AluLynmouth.jpg (64904 bytes) taken August 1994

The ALCAN Aluminium works at Lynemouth, just north of Ashington. To smelt the imported alumina powder into aluminium, cheap electricity had to be generated. This was done by having a dedicated power station (390MW) to supply the works, complete with its own coal mine nearby 

Open-cast mining
800Drag1.jpg (143914 bytes) Walking drag-lines at a site seen from Chevington Woods, looking east.

800Drag1.jpg (143914 bytes) taken August 1994

800Drag2.jpg (87196 bytes) The pattern of working an open-cast pit can be seen here. The surface layers, which are of no interest to the miners, are stripped off, and removed. Once the dragline has worked its seam of minerals,  the overburden can be replaced, behind the machine.

800Drag2.jpg (87196 bytes) taken August 1994

800Drag3.jpg (131946 bytes) The scale of these machines can be judged, in the absence of a human scale object, but the size of its cab.

800Drag3.jpg (131946 bytes) taken August 1994

800Restore.jpg (118892 bytes) 800Restore.jpg (118892 bytes) taken August 1994

Restoration of an open-cast site appears to be the likely explanation in this picture, possibly just south of Widdrington on the A1068 road, looking east.

800Alnmouth.jpg (81468 bytes) 800Alnmouth.jpg (81468 bytes)  taken August 1994