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Poundbury, Dorchester  April 2006



Construction is divided amongst firms on an area basis. as  is normal, so delivering 'themes' areas. The above development is just 100 metres away from the roundabout of the A35/A37/B3150 .. not far from 'Poundbury Farm'.

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This mish-mash of diverse styles does nothing for me .. and is probably too tight for  a car-driven lifestyle.


A square in the making, albeit a deserted square at this stage. It does look a little like a theme park recreation.


A pleasant piece of  vernacular architecture, but crunched up with taller buildings

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I was really surprised to see this village-like area, most especially because of the space allocated for its public areas. This area worked best for me.

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So this is where all the cars have gone! This is rural Dorset and you don't get far without one!

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The northern edge of the development - left. Light industry is being introduced into the mix in this area.


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The A35 Dorchester by-pass; a busy road that can be seen in the background of the right hand shot. Developments are moving down to this barrier, with heavy plant probably carving out infrastructure - roads, drains, etc.