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Brittany 2003



photos taken  August 2004


A75 & Millau


Cirque de Navacelles

Rhodes - Pyrenees-Orientales


Valley of the Tet and the Mediterranean



ViaMichelin map of  Canet-Plage


ViaMichelin map of  Ille sur Tet


ViaMichelin map of Olette

The Seaside


The beach at Canet-Plage


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More views of the beach at Canet-Plage - good for illustrating Mediterranean-style beach holidays in tourism!


The photographer photographed!


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Still the construction continues at Canet-Plage.


The end of the season approaches ...


The Etang de Canet et de St Nazaire


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The valley of the River Tet



New vines near Ille sur Tet and the pyramides, or orgues,  on its northern flank.





A field of young vines, planted out high on the plateau above Vinca, on the D17 towards Montalba.




Ille sur Tet has extensive erosional features such as these. The glacial moraines, being unsorted and thus containing ,many large stones as well as fine material, allow rainwater to erode deep gullies, but also, where protected, by cap stones, some sediments are protected.

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The new vines have quite a job finding succour in the thin limestone soils.



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Mount Canigou, taken from the N116 below Prades.



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Gorges de la Caranca, above Olette, provide fine walks, especially if views are the order of the day!


A hilltop village, between Prades and  Vica .. called Eus.


Thues station and the Little Yellow Train

serve the gorges walks.

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Fort Liberia at Villefranche de Conflent.




Serdinya's streets were tackled the night before; residents, talking in their doorways, needed to pull in their legs to let us pass!


The approach to Serdinya, though the trees, was charming.


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Olette station, with the village clinging to the hillside and accommodating both the N116 road (through a drab-looking centre) and the railway beneath the village.


Olette from the railway platform, a wonderful vertical world of colours and textures.



The train crosses the viaduct heading up-valley.


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The N116 continues its tortuous route up the valley. Here it makes height on open hillside.



Rock instability threatens communications at all seasons, and here the hillside has been covered in wire mesh to prevent loose boulders crashing down onto the roadway.


A helicopter is idling by the viaduct along the N116, after an accident.



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Mont Louis appeared difficult to get into, as there were traffic lights controlling a one-way system through the town's main gate .. but inside was a charming old garrison town ... with a modern  garrison perched at the very top of the hill. Army uniforms were common in the street.



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The area of the Col de la Perche, between Mont Louis and Odeillo, provided the open and airy countryside, backlit by the surrounding mountains, that the confines of the Tet valley did not.

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The Little Yellow Train approaches Odeillo station, amidst signs of the summer harvest and the sight of Fort-Romeau high on the hillside.

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The Little Yellow Train at Odeillo station, where a bus service runs to Fort-Romeau for a hasty lunch and walk down through the sleepy villages in the middle of the day. Some visit the Solar Furnace and few hundred yards up the road from the station.

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  The station at Odeillo.



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The still-unfinished cathedral is a magnet for tourists, many of who take the guided tour.

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An underpass emerges next to the Place de Catalunya, looking north.



The Place de Catalunya has fountains and shade .. and pigeons!


The wide avenues are a feature of central Barcelona .. leading to the Ramblas in this case.

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The flower-selling section of the Ramblas ... it was clearly divided up into interest zones .. was the most charming.


In the Ramblas there are many performers who entertain by appearing as statues .. and cause consternation in some when they move!


The Ramblas - a welcome combination of interesting stalls and shade!


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An elegant sailing ship tied up near the marina.


The huge statue of Christopher Columbus.


Passeig de Colom, looking north-east from the entrance to the marina.

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