Wester Ross    Summer 2002     taken on 5 and 6 August 2002


                                                      Black Isle



Little Loch Broom, coming along the A832 from the east, in the area of Badcaul.


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Little Loch Broom, looking towards the north-east towards Ben More Coigach.


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The steep decent into Mungasdale and Gruinard Bay. Gruinard Island can be seen in the centre-horizon.


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The head of the Gruinard Bay shows erosion of a fossil sandy beach or dunes.


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Gruinard Island, once the subject of anthrax experiments, rests peacefully in the blue waters of its bay.


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Lots of physical Geography in one scene.  the influence of glacial processes - bare rock surfaces, together with evidence of river load, and beach sorting before a well-defined raised beach.




Coastal - beach, berm, tide levels, raised beach, fossil cliff line, estuary, depositional environment.


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A close-up of the raised beach and, beyond the stream entering the loch, similar sand beach/dunes features as shown earlier.


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River/sea interface.  Micro changes on the beach suggest different energy levels, or changes in  historic conditions


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If you want this scene big the option is here! What shows quite well in this shot is the variation in size of beach material, from the fine sand of the far end of the bay to the coarser material in the foreground.


multimap on Little Gruinard                2048-08050026.jpg  764Kb


Looking over Gruinard Bay to the east north-east.


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Erratic at Little Gruinard.


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From the hill at Little Gruinard to the south-west. In spite of being a major tourist destination, there is little settlement.  Most tourists are on day trips, and many camp.


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Low tide at Aultbea, revealing a 'beach' of cobbles. this shot was taken outside the general store.


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The layout of the village is linear, running along the frontage to the bay, ending with a harbour at its left end.


multimap of Aultbea


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Services are excellent in the well-stocked store, and prices were keen - thanks to its membership of a buying chain.


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Only when you look back down on the settlement do you discover Aultbea is built on a narrow promontory.


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Fish farming in Loch Ewe, just south of Aultbea. Close by are NATO oil tanks on the hillside.


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Another parting shot of Aultbea, setting the coast road into its hilly perspective!


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Beinn Eighe National Nature Reserve

Slioch from the banks of Loch Maree. The road to this point from Gairloch was well maintained and busy with holidaymakers. The national nature reserve lies to the south of the loch (left of the picture)


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The new visitor's centre for Beinn Eighe has ample parking, immaculate toilets and a good selection of books, maps and guides on sale.


Visitor centre on multimap


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It also has a very imaginative and fully functional interpretative area, just right for young investigators .. with a PC-linked Intel microscope, management game on another PC .. and a row of informative dioramas. Top marks!


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Glen  Docherty and Strath Bran


On the A832 road, moving eastwards, you pass the entrance to Glen Torridon at Kinlochewe and then climb Glen Docherty (above), seen here looking back towards Loch Maree.


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A snow stake in Glen Docherty, together with a passing-place. This is the A832!


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6 August 2002

The right hand peak of the massif is Sgurr a' Mhuilinn at 879m, and also on the right are showing the terraces featured in the next shot .. at the eastern end of  Loch a' Chroisg.


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These multi-level terraces have been deeply incised by thee River Bran, which has revealed coarse sediments where the slopes have been eroded.


multimap of Achnansheen terraces




 A river meander and sediment deposits on the River Bran below Achnansheen in Strath Bran.


multimap of meander


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A close-up of the meander, also reveals terrace levels and the railway embankment (for scale) in the foreground.


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The railway station at Achnansheen.


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6 August 2002


A panorama of Achnansheen, with the railway and Achnasheen station in view, as is the sweep of Glen Carron heading towards the south-west.


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6 August 2002


As the railway, heading for the Kyle of Lochalsh, crosses the road  in Glen Carron.


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6 August 2002

Looking down on Attadale on Loch Carron.


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6 August 2002

The railway to Kyle is again in evidence at Attadale.


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6 August 2002 


A complex beach, with various deposits, strand lines and even lagoons at Attadale.


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6 August 2002 


Lochcarron spread along its sea inlet in a soft morning light.


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6 August 2002



A late afternoon view over Loch Kishorn on the way to Glen Torridon, to its right.


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6 August 2002