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Sizewell - Power stations and beach 14 May 2005 - also May 13 2001 & June 2000

Sizewell 15 May 2005, May 13 2001  & June 2000

Sizewell Feb 7 2007

Suffolk Surge - 9 November 2007

Sizewell to Dunwich Heath walk  30 May 2009


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Some photographs of the two Sizewell power stations. The 'A' station, in a grey concrete livery, is a MAGNOX station, whlst the blue and white of Sizewell 'B' houses a PWR reactor.

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Access to the beach, without eroding the dunes, is afforded by a boardwalk.


Erosion of the fragile dune system is always a problems.


The dunes have been conserved by fencing, between the beach and beach road.

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Some fishermen's huts, with associated artefacts, littered about them, make attractive photographs, especially with the clinical lines of the power station in the background.

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Some beach scenes of fishing boats, clumps of sea cucumber, and the cooling intake and outfall from the power stations.

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The inlet and outlet towers at Sizewell are familiar landmarks from the coast nearby.




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Sunday May 13 2001




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The discoloured stream from the outfall tower, bringing cooling water from  Sizewell 'A' and 'B'. Not a pretty sight.



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June 2000




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Sizewell beach, with the nuclear stations, Sizewell 'A', the large, dirty-grey building, and Sizewell 'B', with a light blue dome and dark blue walls. The beach here is wide at 50 metres and shelves gradually down to high tide level. View is northwards.



Sizewell beach has been treated to fine new toilets, and a revised car park layout. The low timber building in the centre is the cafe, and on the skyline above it are the old coastguard cottages.

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