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Start Bay  Beesands and Hallsands & Start Point 25 October 2001

Bude-Sandy-Mouth 22 August 2001


Beesands & Hallsands & Start Point 25 Oct 2004

Dartmouth & the Dart Estuary 25 Oct 2004

Slapton Sands 2001 -aftermath of the storm of February 2001 - photos by Nick Slinger

Slapton Ley and Torcross 25 Oct 2004



Lynmouth 17-18 July 2006

Porlock Bay 5 August 2005 & 17 August 2006





A house stands at the eastern end of the barrier beach.


Beesands barrier beach and lagoon.


The lagoon at Beesands is protected by rip rap ..

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... and numerous signs!




Beesands from Start Point road, illustrating its position, its backdrop and its beach.




The foreshore at Beeesands, and the village's protection behind rip rap and a full recurved sea wall. This area has the fishing boats and crab pots laid out.


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The beach grades steeply down over the rip rap.



The western end of the beach road has a

further collection of small dingies and an impressive quantity of rip rap.


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Hallsands history link

BBC Devon article

BBC Inside Out article





The lost village of Hallsands can be seen from a small observation platform set into the cliff. Start Point lies along to the end of the headland.


Trout's Hotel is the focus of a hamlet that now exists at the cliff top. Erosion can be seen eating back into its limited front space.


The houses, or at least their shells, are still remarkably intact.


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From the edge of the cliff, through bracken and a copse, a Hallsands ruin from above.



The ledge of hard rock upon which the settlement was built, and still resists the waves.


A battered gable end, on its ledge above the sea.


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Three photographs of Hallsands from across Start Bay. The village was lost as a consequence of dredging operation for the extensions to Plymouth harbour, 650,000 tons, and it is clear where the shingle came from that replaced the excavated hole.

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Hallsands caught clearly in the afternoon sunshine; the layout of the lost village and present hamlet.


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Start Point can be reached along a smooth asphalt road of about a kilometre.

The lighthouse at Start Point


Erosion of the headland has undermined this wall, and broken off a section of it entirely. Is this headland erosion in action!

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The western side of Start Point reveals  a further rocky coastline.

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