Sydling St Nicholas   February 2003


The chalk stream


An early meander on Sydling Water, just below Upper Sydling.


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20 February 2003


A considerable upwelling of spring water, doubling the discharge of the stream, takes one's notice from the lane above Upper Sydling.


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20 February 2003


The ford between Upper Sydling and Sydling St Nicholas.


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20 February 2003


The streams unite to pass through the body of the village. A footpath accompanies the torrent all the way to East Street.

Sydling Water divides here, a small distributary bleeds off under the road.

A microcosm of  the stream environment, with a small addition of  flow, a deposit of sediment, and characteristic plant life.

600-02180011.jpg  206Kb  18 February 2003

800-02180009.jpg  150Kb  18 February 2003


600-02190003.jpg  258Kb  19 February 2003

Sydling Water is narrowed here and its bed and bank smoothed in concrete as a flume provides a controlled cross section for measurement.


600-02180022.jpg  173Kb

18 February 2003


The gauging station from upstream of the flume.


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18 February 2003

A solar panel provides power for the automatic recorder to radio in its discharge data.


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18 February 2003

Stream and walkway narrow. This view is upstream and where the footpath is met by Waterside Walk.


600-02180025.jpg  138Kb

18 February 2003

Further water flows into the main body of the stream in East Street. This course is lower in the valley than the main, channelled stream, and was subjected to winter floods.


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19 February 2003


Down by the main road south from Sydling St Nicholas, Sydling Water eventually occupies a course nearer the true bottom of the valley.


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19 February 2003

In East Street sandbags indicate flood risk. At this point the stream is on the opposite side of the road, and is running down the side of the valley.


800-02180001.jpg  144Kb

18 February 2003



The village street

A picturesque assemblage of sandbags, gatepost and sign at City Farmhouse in East Street, as the entrance driveway crosses the chalk stream.


600-02180017.jpg  213Kb

18 February 2003

The same again, looking back to East Street and the other sandbags.


800-02180018.jpg  224Kb

18 February 2003

Local services have, like elsewhere in rural areas, been lost over the years. Here the petrol pump remains as a statue, whilst the telephone box still has a function. Will the mobile 'phone be its undoing.


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19 February 2003


The Greyhound Inn. The deep valley, amongst the chalk, occupied by Sydling St Nicholas, can be seen in the distance.


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19 February 2003

More sandbags in the main street. The waters rose sharply in the middle of the night, I was told.


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19 February 2003


At the junction of  the main road, East Street and Church Lane. The village hall lies opposite the grand tree.


800-02180003.jpg  180Kb

21 February 2003

Looking down East Street.


800-02180016.jpg  172Kb

21 February 2003

The gentrification of Sydling has been long in the making. Not only have cottages been converted into smart homes, tastefully and at considerable expense, but many properties have been built in the village to match the existing upgraded housing stock. Here contractors vans fit out another cottage ..the burglar alarm being the essential clue!


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21 February 2003


At the junction of Church Lane and the main road.


800-02180002.jpg  171Kb

18 February 2003



The church walks

From the top of Church Lane, looking down towards the main road and Church Street.


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19 February 2003


A shot across City Farm House towards the church.


800-02180020.jpg  137Kb

18 February 2003



The entrance to the church is along a short, charming, green lane. Beyond the church the aspect is very open, across fields of pasture.


800-02190015.jpg  150Kb

19 February 2003


From Church Lane.


600-02180005.jpg  174Kb

18 February 2003

The church of St Nicholas from across the field on a walk up the bridleway past Court House.


994-02180007.jpg  119Kb

18 February 2003


Looking back down over the village from the bridleway to the west; a path (one of many through the village) connected the track with the main road.


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18 February 2003



The valley below

A lovely corner of old masonry just off the bridleway.


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18 February 2003


The outstanding view over arable land from the bridleway.


800-02180008.jpg  99Kb

18 February 2003


To the south of the village, along the main road, work on the hedgerows was still taking place.


600-02190004.jpg  161Kb

19 February 2003


The saw mills, still frozen in the chill of mid-morning. I was surprised, and gratified, at the number and range of rural businesses in the village.


800-02190005.jpg  140Kb

19 February 2003


A footpath climbs above the saw mill and affords a good view of the whole valley at this point.


600-02190006.jpg  129Kb

19 February 2003

The Huish Trout farm.


800-02190001.jpg  123Kb

19 February 2003


Precautions against disease were simple, but in evidence at the entrance to the farm.


600-02190002.jpg  191Kb

19 February 2003


The water cress beds were some distance, about a mile, below the village.



21 February 2003