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Tenerife 13-20 March 2007




Tenerife Landscape - south coast

Tourism  - Los Christianos and the South Coast

Towards Buenavista - the North West coast

Teide Volcano - the National Park 1

Teide Volcano - the National Park 2  Snow

Northern Hills

ITEN Renewable Energy Centre




Tenerife - Infrastructure and the rush to keep up with growth




In addition to bouts of furious house-building in many of the resorts, I noticed considerable activity in upgrading the island's infrastructure. The choke-point appears to be the inability of the road system to take the rapidly increasing number of cars. At morning and evening rush hours the motorway is clogged, even for the Mercedes Estate's that bring Formula 1 to the holidaymaker's airport transfers and, although they weren't dented, most other cars were!

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These are shots of the motorway, and new power lines, on the eastern side of Tenerife, near ......


In the English-language fortnightly newspaper, the 'Tenerife News' there was an article on both the growing foreign population and the congestion on the roads. There are now 550,000 vehicles on the island, at a rate of 1.45 inhabitants per vehicle.

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