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Tenerife 13-20 March 2007




Tenerife Landscape - south coast

Tourism  - Los Christianos and the South Coast

Towards Buenavista - the North West coast

Teide Volcano - the National Park 1

Teide Volcano - the National Park 2  Snow

Northern Hills

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Tenerife - Landscape in the South



Uplands on the flanks of Teide volcano


On the ascent towards Teide on the first day, a cloudy day, views back towards San Miguel from the Granadilla-Vilaflor road.


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On the last day, from the Granadilla-Vilaflor road, again on the way to Teide, this smallholding was well-illuminated in the morning sun. The small fields,  terraced by lava-block walls and supplied by a prominent water tank, all define this type of agriculture.

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Further up the road the agricultural activity becomes scattered and the pine woods take over. Note the lava conelets in these south-facing shots.

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The Coast - Golf du Sur






The Gold du Sur complex has golf as its central theme, occupying the centre of the doughnut-shaped resort. It has a minute beach next to the small harbour (where they keep the submarine!), but the rest of the coast is lava, and hotels - looks towards La Tejita (the knoll on the coast on the horizon).

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A rainstorm soaks the landscape near Los Abrigos, encouraging cacti and succulents, which dominate the ecology.

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Between Los Abrigos and El Medano lies a number of large gullies. In places these are being actively abraded by heavy rainstorms, although I did not observe any surface runoff, except on the roads, in even the heaviest rains.

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near Las Galletas




I searched all week for an opening in the netting that covers much of the land south of the motorway, to be rewarded on the last day with a banana crop being grown on a massive scale. The sign (centre) tells us what we already know; bananas are doused with a poisonous cocktail of sprays - just as well they have thick skins.

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Los Abrigos




The approach to Los Abrigos is marked with this imposing billboard, extolling the virtues of the new developments in the village  ...

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... which does possess a charming harbour area, with restaurants looking over the elevated harbour wall to a stony beach and even an area of green!

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Los Abrigos harbour boasts a modern boat lifter, colourful illustrations n the concrete breakwater and a compact charisma.

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The boat-lifter seems to be a standard pattern on this coast; note how buildings almost hang over the inlets in the older part of the village.


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La Tejita




The enormously long beach leads to the outcrop of LA Tejita, at 6pm on a Sunday evening.

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Punta de Poris




Exiting the motorway from Santa Cruz, to photograph the wind turbines, an interesting section of coastline took over. Largely lava based, seen on the left at Poris de Abona, and investigated again upon return from the lighthouse. The coast has a promontory beyond Punta de Abona and a lighthouse - Faro de Abona .. shown in both in the centre and right hand shots.

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Vegetation has started to colonise this slope at Punta de los Requetes.

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A lava-flow headland being pounded by the Atlantic swell at Punta de los Requetes. It is difficult to apply 'normal' coastal erosion theory here, as the lava is so complex in its structure.

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The hamlet of Punta de Abona has a small beach beneath its walls. here sand has accumulated and has been driven inland up the steep landward slope and ......

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.... has overtopped the road's retaining wall, covering part of the road with a san dune. Behind is the wind farm that was so difficult to photograph from any other position!

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Towards the north and Poris de Abona a lava ledge was found. Looking like rough-cast concrete, the lava had been undermined by wave action, allowing it to crack and fall into the swell; beaches of rough-grained lava sand have been created.

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