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Tenerife 13-20 March 2007




Tenerife Landscape - south coast

Tourism  - Los Christianos and the South Coast

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Tenerife - Tourism in the South - Los Christianos




Two views of Los Cristianos; wasteland adjoining the hotel complexes at the eastern end of the town, and the plush luxury on the beach on the Playa de las Americas border.

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Although most of the south east has a rocky, lava coastline, the resorts have beaches of middle grey sand, derived from the lava flows. cinder cones are often mined for their granular content, so perhaps the beaches have been reinforced with this.

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The Fred Olson ferry reverses into its berth in the quiet of the evening.


Last afternoon's heavy rain leaves a reminder on the foreshore - perfect fluvial studies .. a beach, a bar and an all-day breakfast!


A beach volleyball training session in  the early  evening

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Behind the front are the large hotels, but in the central area it is backed by narrow streets ascending the slope from the sea, or cutting across it. Here  are found the up-market retail stores, offices and local accommodation.

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The Sunday market is featured on Google Earth, at the eastern edge of the town; here a lady sells perfumed wooden balls in decorated bowls ... making a change from all the English football shirts!


The land of the English breakfast, at around 3 . By 11.30 am. The walkway is full of people touting for business in their particular restaurant  - quite a spectacle of street-theatre!


MY breakfast view!

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The harbour was full of pleasure craft, some fishing vessels, and the occasional ferry. The fishing boats were immaculate, and clearly not used heavily for their intended purpose; I see EU money here, somewhere!

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From the harbour wall, in unsubtle concrete. is a view towards the town and, on the right, the triple unloading bays of the car ferry.

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The largest beach in Los Christianos, towards its invisible join with Playa de las Americas, is protected by a breakwater of concrete blocks and lava rubble. This beach is backed by numerous eateries and retail opportunities from beach stores.

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The architecture in Playa del las Americas is largely Florida, with a touch of LA! Perhaps the reckless excess of the summer visitors to this resort is a illusion; they think this monumental bling is an illusion borne of their narcotic consumption!

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Back to Los Cristianos for some sober reflection. In March the tourist population is largely over retirement age, where your arthritis passes unnoticed in the plethora of crutches, heavy bandages and wheelchairs - but not a single zimmer!

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To bring law and order to the frolicking geriatrics the local police have armed themselves with vehicles of every description  ......

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.... including these two (what do you call them?) examples of self-indulgence!

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