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Tenerife 13-20 March 2007




Tenerife Landscape - south coast

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Towards Buenavista - the North West coast

Teide Volcano - the National Park 1

Teide Volcano - the National Park 2  Snow

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El Teide  2 




The view from the road as  it descends into the caldera floor, cutting through the rim on the .......road. The mountain is wreathed in a layer of cloud as the rocks are approached.

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The view back along the road, left and the rocks in closer detail (Centre). The caldera floor from the same spot as several days earlier, right.

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More from the viewpoint - now benefiting from early morning light, of the Canada de Teide - the caldera floor.

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After an hour's wait, whilst 1. the staff arrived and 2. decided whether there was too much snow to open it at all, the machinery whirred and we got to go on the telecabine. Behind the earlybirds a long queue had developed, as the bus trade arrived in some force!

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The summit of Teide - and the highest Stevenson's Screen on the island.

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Permission to walk to the summit has to be obtained from the capital, Santa Cruz. My companions on the ride had indeed driven the the correct office, only to be told that none would be issued until the snow had abated .. and were unamused!

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The view from the upper station changed with the clouds blowing across the caldera; eventually the road that was marked 'closed' could be seen.

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The higher parts of the caldera road were now open, in bright sunshine - so to the north-east!


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A parking place a few days ago now became a danger, as the snow was deeper here, and although the road was completely clear, it was possible to spin the wheels and ground the underside of the car!

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The lava-block wall seen opposite the tourist lay by.

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A comparison with a few days earlier - of the volcanic cone ....




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.... and the floor and rim of the caldera.


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A last look at the snow-covered volcanic cone.

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The snowfall had been quite disruptive and, after watching this little cameo of a female's management style, a quick look through the National Park's Visitor's Centre and being reunited with 'the bins' I discovered the road ahead, leading to the observatories on Teide, to be closed with a white van, and man, guarding the trail. The right-hand photo is of the junction looking back from the blocked road.

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I photographed these recycling bins on the first time I managed to get through the park's visitor centre.

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