Llandinam Wind Farm   23 April  2003


Multimap of Llandinam


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Llandinam wind farm is 10km south of Newtown has been operational since January 1993 and consists of 103 Mitsubishi turbines, each rated at 300kW, giving a total capacity of 30.9 MW. The site is now owned by CeltPower Ltd., a joint venture between Scottish Power plc (50%) and the Tomen Corporation of Japan (50%).

The site is colloquially known by non-Welsh speakers as the 'P&L'. At the time of its construction it was both Europe's and the UK's largest wind farm, both in terms of number of turbines and generating capacity. In the case of the generating capacity, it was subsequently overtaken by Carno.

The site remains the only European installation of Mitsubishi machines. Closer views of the site can be obtained by walking up from the site office, located on minor roads off the A483 Newtown to Llandindrod Wells road, south of Lliathddu. There is no access from the A470 in Llandinam.





Our chosen footpath was blocked by this charming rural idyll .. so we descended to the valley floor!


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Again climbing the hills to the wind farm this quad-bike, complete with crook, crossed our path


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Sheep pose next to deliberately-burned bracken.


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A steep trackway took us rapidly upwards, revealing views of the wind farm.


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the northern half of the wind farm, impressive on the skyline.


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The moor was profoundly dry, unusually. The footpath petered out, so we followed the service road.


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Mitsubishi 300KW machines; the only ones of their kind in the country.


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A line of turbines and their service road.


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Both parts of the wind farm are seen here. The access to the turbine shows its scale.


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The magnificent view from the plateau at 027832 to the north north west and the Severn Valley. landscape version 507KB


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The part set off back to the valley down a long abandoned  access track from the wind farm. A landrover appears, and then reverses down the track, and it is clear a farmer and his wife are rounding up some stray sheep.

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The nimble-footed lady with one of the captives. The ewe was required to be a surrogate wet-nurse for an orphan lamb.

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CAT centre for Alternative Technology

Llandinam wind farm

River Severn meander

Montgomery Canal

Barmouth spit