Skaweathering1.jpg (191321 bytes) To the south of the Vatnajokull icecap is Skaftafell National Park, and campsite. Mordalsdalur is a valley just to its west, running north into the mountains from the coastal plain (the sea is but three miles away). The valley is unglaciated, but deep and cold, and filled with a powerful, braided river. This rock was found at the valley side with well developed and mortal cracks in it.

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August 1985

Skaweathering2.jpg (176811 bytes) Just a few hundred metres further on this boulder had been completely reduced by frost-shattering, or nivation. The constant dampness, and both daily and seasonal temperature changes, have allowed the damp in the cracks to freeze and then thaw, cracking the rock and leaving it in this granular state! The moss is a good indication of this alpine-like environment.

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August 1985


Lincoln Cathedral


The face of Lincoln Cathedral, with the older, weathered, fascia contrasting with the brand-new stone carvings recently installed.




26 March 2002

.The full ravages of time can be seen on this detail of a carving, attacked by damp and wind .. and simply time. Various urban pollutants would have contributed , especially those from motor exhausts in the last century.


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26 March 2002

In Dedham High Street the church is separated from the road by this wall. The right hand side of the wall faces SSE; the left hand side faces NNW and is covered with moss. the stone itself  is remarkably clean, and may be under acid attack from the atmosphere, and from under the moss or lichen, which also secretes weathering agents.


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6 April 2002