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Yorkshire Dales   April 2006


Yorkshire Dales April 2005

Gordale and Gordale Beck April 2006

Littondale and Kilnsey Crag April 2006

Malham April 2006

Malham Cove April 2006

Malham Tarn April 2006

Ribblehead April 2006



Approaching Gordale from the footpath from Malham Cove one first sees the greener grass of the intake next to Hawthorns Lane, and then the buildings of  Gordale House and finally the stream at Gordale Bridge.

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Some early-seasons campers in Gordale found underfoot conditions decidedly damp - as evidenced by the flow in Gordale Beck!

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The entrance to the real gorge section at Gordale, with extensive screes, and a well-maintained and wide stone footpath for the high numbers of visitors to this site.

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The gorge has impressive vertical surfaces, in places colonised by mature trees!

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The river had once eroded against both sides of the gorge and has left large boulders strewn over its floor.

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The waterfall section of  Gordale with a father lowering his offspring down a fixed rope. Passable for the nimble, these conditions of higher flow will put off casual visitors without proper boots!

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Below Gordale Bridge a meadow gives way to another, but on a much smaller scale, gorge section of Gordale Beck. The left-hand photo is Janet's Foss from above.

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Janet's Foss does have a plunge-pool, but there is no undercutting of the waterfall as a curtain of redeposited tufa guiding the flow.

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The gorge below Janet's Foss reveals some banding in the limestone.

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Wild garlic has smothered the lower, wetter land in the gorge with a deep verdant green; the beck leaves the gorge for meadowland and a wide footpath.

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The path back to Malham, along Gordale Beck, is mostly covered by a footpath of stone slabs (reclaimed at a guess) and occasional boggy bits .. which was quite a surprise for a high-volume lowland stroll sort of path.

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Returning to Malham across the meadows and by the side of the river back to the bridge.

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