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Yorkshire Dales   April 2006

Littondale and Kilnsey Crag


Yorkshire Dales April 2005


Gordale and Gordale Beck April 2006

Littondale and Kilnsey Crag April 2006

Malham April 2006

Malham Cove April 2006

Malham Tarn April 2006

Ribblehead April 2006



Approaching Kilnsey Crags on the B6160 from Grassington


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Some views of Kilnsey Crags from along the road.

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An attractive lake is a focus for Kilnsey Park, where there is fishing.

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Littondale and Arncliffe



Across the River Skirfare towards Old Rams Barns and Hawkswick Moor.

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Hawkswick, a stone village with stone barns and field boundaries. The intake land is clearly contrasted with the open, unimproved moorland on the right.

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More barns and intake/outake land near Hawkswick.

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Arncliffe, showing the church and the river on the left, the residues of the snow the previous day, and the road on up Littondale towards Litton and the head of the valley.

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As the object of the trip was to photograph the dramatic meanders near

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The meander in the River Skirfare; the process was certainly ongoing as there a continuous rattle of stones into the river on the outside of the bend. The bluff was about 2 metres high, but as seen directly above, not all of the bend is attacked in times of lower flow. The slip-off slope was , as can be seen, stony and the load of larger material appears impressive.


GR 943711

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A spring that emanates from the base of Low Cotes Moor crosses the road and enters the river close to the meanders.

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Looking down on Arncliffe from Brootes Lane, on the road over to Malham. The meanders here are on a still relatively steep section of  Cowside Beck, and the debris on the narrow flood plain is distinctly stony.

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