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Yorkshire Dales   April 2006


Yorkshire Dales April 2005


Gordale and Gordale Beck April 2006

Littondale and Kilnsey Crag April 2006

Malham April 2006

Malham Cove April 2006

Malham Tarn April 2006

Ribblehead April 2006


Malham village





The river is the real focus of the village of Malham, especially in the area of the bridge and the green. The Lister Arms dominates one side of the green, an attractive triangle of greensward in front of it .. and on the narrow road to Gordale.

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The stone bridge over Malham Beck always has sightseers and is a crucial local junction. the Youth Hostel is the right-hand building of the right-hand photo; its members' kitchen having the best view in the village!

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The upper part of the village leads off  towards Malham Cove and the road over to Littondale, and boasts a short row of cottages, including one with fine mullioned windows - perhaps taken from a grander residence.


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Commerce is well represented in the main road with a range of services, from drinks and a cafe to up-market bed-and-breakfast.

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The Buck Inn must be the largest pub in Malham, is clearly an old mullioned property and dominates the frontage of the main road. Behind it is the Gordale


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The National Park Information Centre in Malham has excellent displays and quantities of guides, maps and postcards.


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On the road towards Kirby Malham the verge fills up with parking, easy prey for the strategically-sited ice cream van!

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Sheep were being brought down from the Gordale road and herded by dogs and quad bikes through the village.

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