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Yorkshire Dales   April 2006











Ribblehead Viaduct and Scars


Yorkshire Dales April 2005


Gordale and Gordale Beck April 2006

Littondale and Kilnsey Crag April 2006

Malham April 2006

Malham Cove April 2006

Malham Tarn April 2006

Ribblehead April 2006



Looking towards the Ribblehead Viaduct with Gauber Limekiln Pasture Rocks. The centre photo was from close to the B6255.


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Gauber Limekiln Pasture and pavement with Ribblehead station beyond, and, on the right, towards Whernside.

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A fine expanse of limestone pavement, with Ribblehead and Whernside in the backdrop. Surface vegetation, including stunted trees, was recolonising some areas of this surface,  as seen on the right-hand shot. The photographs all show the dominant linear trends of the grykes.

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The surface of the clints was far more friable than on the pavement above Malham and the surface was littered by clitter.


Ferns growing in some profusion in a gryke. In places the vegetation had grown over the gryke completely and offering protection from the elements for the first time in 10,000 years?


A sink hole just to the north of the pavement edge - Ribblehead can just be seen in the distance.

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After shooting the Gauber rocks a 'target of opportunity' presented itself at Ribblehead, as overnight rain had swollen the stream to the point it flowed in a temporary channel, still grassed over.

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The stream displays many fluvial features in miniature, from the point where it breaks its banks (left), to a temporary waterfall and, on the right, the permanent course just below the culvert under the B6255 near its junction with the B6479.

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This photograph was actually taken below Ingleborough Cave, and can be used to illustrate the very uneven flow in upland streams.



Used on a screen students are invited to label fast, medium and slow areas of the stream. These areas can then be joined up as an isoline map.

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